How to make a Surnames and Locations Page for your family history blog via BloggingGenealogy.com.I'm in a hurry. Are we related...maybe?
In my last post about rolling out the welcome mat for your potential cousins and visitors, I mentioned placing a link to your Surnames & Location Page on it.

However, we hadn't gone over that yet. How many times have you landed on a family history blog after Googling your ancestor's name and location, and you're like, "Wow. This person has been blogging stories about their ancestors since 2009. And will you look at that? She's written all these stories, but I don't have time to figure everything out and see if we're related!"

Yeah. Happens to me all the time. {LOL. ;) }

Well, if you don't have some type of way for your potential cousins to quickly skim and see if you might be related {and that can be a pretty big 'might' sometimes}, then will they read everything? Or will they simply move on? My Google Analytics on my family history blog says they tend to leave. If it were me, I wouldn't, but? Everyone's different in how they handle things. 

So? You need a Surnames & Locations Page on your family history blog. And here's how you do that:

  1. Log into your Blogger.com account.
  2. Select Pages from the menu located on the left hand side. {Like we did in the step-by-step instructions for creating a Page for a Comment Form.}
  3. Select New Page and then select Blank Page from the lil' drop down menu that magically appears. {Love magic.}
  4. Give your New Page a title. I chose "Surnames/Locations". You can totally do something different.
  5. Welcome Paragraph with a call-to-action for your lovely potential cousins to contact you. Basically, you're making a link to your Contact Me page. {Here's more information about adding a Contact Me page to your family history blog.}
  6. List your surnames. I chose to put these in bold to make it easier for busy, busy potential cousins to scan the page.
  7. I then listed under each surname the locations I've found my family line to have lived at one time, and I put these in chronological order. If known, I listed town, county, and US state. Basically, I was trying to capture my family's migration route -- as I currently know it to be.
  8. When done, select Publish.
  9. Hover over the light blue area located on the left side of your of your Surnames & Locations Page box thingy. This will allow you to drag & drop your new page in the order you want it to show up in on your blog.
  10. When done arranging your pages, select Save Arrangement.
  11. Now select View Blog. Ta-da! {Magic.}
How to make a Surnames and Locations Page for your family history blog via BloggingGenealogy.com.
Click on the image for a larger view of the ta-da magic.
Your Turn
Admittedly, my Surnames & Locations Page could be much better. I've seen better ones, but? It's the one I've got to show and tell you. And? There are a ton of ways you could do this Page as well. So? Share in comments below a link to your Surnames & Locations Page. Let's share & give everyone some ideas for their own. {Don't be shy.} =)

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4/27/2013 11:45:39

I totally agree that at least a surnames page should be included in a genealogy blog. See mine at <a href="http://frommainetokentucky.blogspot.com/p/some-surnames-im-researching.html">From Maine to Kentucky</a>. I have adjusted it over time and include links to my Surname Saturday posts.

Elizabeth H.
4/27/2013 11:47:17

Okay that html didn't work the way I wanted. See http://frommainetokentucky.blogspot.com/p/some-surnames-im-researching.html.

5/1/2013 02:06:56

Looks great, Elizabeth! And I really like your pie chart.

Thanks for stopping by and sharing! =)


4/30/2013 23:13:06

I really like the idea of adding location to the surnames. Great tip!

5/1/2013 02:04:59

Thanks, Stephanie. I'm glad you found it helpful, and I'm glad that you stopped by. I appreciate it!


5/3/2013 07:58:04

Hi Caroline,

Great post! Thought I'd share my surname page as inspiration to others. <a href="http://genblogjulie.blogspot.com/p/surnames-being-researched.html">http://genblogjulie.blogspot.com/p/surnames-being-researched.html</a>

5/3/2013 23:16:52

Julie, thanks for sharing yours. I really like how you have it organized. Great job!

And thanks for stopping by and reading. =)


John H
1/14/2014 06:46:38

So is this blog dead or just dormant? :/

I keep thinking I should start blogging about my misadventures in genealogy....

1/14/2014 07:13:50


It's just a very slow-paced blog. My main site and blog at 4YourFamilyStory.com is much more active. Also, I've taken on some big genealogy volunteer positions that have been keeping me busy along side my business.

Let me encourage you, though, to blog about your ancestors and your research. There are many benefits to doing so, but 2 very important ones are: 1) It will help focus you on your research; and 2) It will help to be found by others who are maybe researching the same ancestors that you are.

Please take a look around this blog. There are many tips and hints that can help you get started on your "misadventures in genealogy"!

Thank you for stopping by!



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