Guest Poster Guidelines when Blogging Genealogy
© Copyright 2012 Caroline M. Pointer
Are you wanting to guest post on another blog? Or perhaps you don't have a blog yet, but you still want to guest post on another blog. [Did you know you could do that? Because you can.]

Well, there are many types of bloggers out there, and some have more experience in hosting guest posters than others. Typically, you shouldn't have any problems, but here are 5 points to keep in mind when guest posting on another blog:

I've hosted guest posters several times on my genealogy/technology blog, and each time things went pretty smoothly. However, in retrospect there are some things I would have done differently. Therefore, I've created a list of guest posting guidelines for the the blog host based on what I've learned. Basically, these are my guidelines for myself whenever I decide to host another guest poster on my site. While I don't host guest posters at this time on this blog, I do host them on

Guest Post Hosting Guidelines: