Joseph K. Marshall, Jr., salesman at Lufkin Trailers in San Antonio, TX, ca.1965.
Developing Relationships

Growing up, I had the privilege of watching my father conduct business. However, to say it was business sounds so clinical and not really accurate because my father at times made the business aspect seem like a byproduct of what he was really doing ~ developing relationships.

He developed strong relationships with his vendors. He developed strong relationships with his customers. He developed strong relationships with his employees. He knew their first and last names. He knew their spouses names. He knew where they'd been and where they were planning to go. He sat down, listened to them, and cared.

And it seems that because he was so adept at developing relationships with those folks he came into contact with, the business, whatever it was, usually followed. I'm not implying that everything ran smoothly because it didn't, even with the relationships. It's just that it seems he created a community of sorts wherever he went.

And what does developing relationships have to do with blogging genealogy? Well, goodness, everything. Blogging is a tool from the tool box known as "social media". And while the term social media is a very overused term, it's just online marketing. Remember the old community chambers of commerce? That's similar to what social media is when it's being used effectively, except it's open 24/7 and available in every conceivable place there's an internet connection or cell service around the world. Meetings still occur, but they look a little different because people are hanging out now in front of a webcam. Coffee isn't served, but everyone's enjoying a cup of their favorite java or tea. Birthdays are observed not with cake but exclamation points and emoticons.

Blogs provide a necessary online presence where content is fresh, community is grown, and relationships are developed. Then, well, your business ~ be it finding cousins, finding members, or finding clients ~ will usually follow.

So welcome to BloggingGenealogy.com, where we're going to create a community of people learning how to develop relationships through social media, especially through blogging genealogy effectively.

[And I wish my Dad was still around. He totally would've rocked this blogging and genealogy stuff. =) ]

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1/30/2012 19:16:05

Great posts. Sounds like you have Dad's personality!
And is this how I find out I won something? I just saw your tweet of this posts and came to read it. Surprised to see my name at the bottom. Thanks for making my day!

Caroline Pointer
1/30/2012 19:26:15


I just sent you an email with instructions.

Thanks for reading, Kathleen!


1/30/2012 23:34:49

Looks fantastic Caroline, Good Luck but you won't need it because you have great content!

Kim von Aspern-Parker
1/31/2012 00:20:21

Wow, don't know what to say. Me, speechless, who'd have thunk it? Do you do 5 blogs now? Are you super woman?

1/31/2012 15:39:29

Great start! I can't wait to read what you've got in store for us. Genealogy is about relationships, both histories and current practice. I can't think of anyone better suited to show the way.
Oh, and that's a great picture!


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