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When we first start blogging our family history, there's a kind of pressure to blog...




But? Is this really necessary?

No. It's not necessary to blog every day. If you want to blog once a week, that's fine. If you want to blog once a month, that's fine.

Then why does there seem to be this pressure to blog every single day?

Because that's an old blogging business model. You see, before Google tweaked its algorithms to eliminate poorly designed websites and blogs {with all those tacky ads} from ending up on the top of their search results, a common blog business model was to setup a blog, post content every single day {quality content totally optional}, slap a bunch of ads on there, promote the blog and each post, and manipulate or game the Google Search Engine so that their blog posts and/or website ended up on the top of the Search Engine Results Page [SERP]. The idea was the higher the amount of traffic, the increase in the percentage of folks who'd click on the ads and then the blog/site owner collected a check for all that advertising. {And that's just the basics.}

But? As family history bloggers {at least for me on my personal family history blog, Family Stories}, we're not in business.

Well, not that kind of business.

We're just looking for cousins and wanting to share our family history to just about anyone who will listen and pretend to be interested.

It's about quality and not quantity.

Yes, we want to encourage potential cousins to contact us so that maybe ~just maybe~ we can collaborate and break down some research brick walls. Or we'd like to just share our family history with our loved ones. 

And we don't need to blog every single day {thankyouverymuch} to do that.


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11/27/2012 04:59:37

Thank you, thank you, thank you. And thank you. For everyone who blogs Every Single Day, there are readers out there who may feel obligated or just plain wanting to read, and even comment on, all those blogs Every Single Day. Especially if it's friends and bloggers you like who are blogging Daily. Daily! How many hours are in a day?

I may be a bit worked up here because now, after getting through the flu, I've made a new resolution that I can comment only on a maximum of 10 blogs per day. That's as much as I can do. (OK, this is my 11th, but I'm making an exception.) The other blogs that look good, I'll retweet.

I need to blog myself, once in a while, plus do a whole bunch of my own family research.

Cindy Freed did a survey a little while ago on In-Depth Genealogist, and found that to most people, receiving blogs once a week is plenty. Sounds right to me!

Not to mention having time for a webinar or two. And the rest of life. : ))

Some old philosopher said something about "moderation in all things..."?

Caroline Pointer
11/27/2012 21:37:53


You're welcome! And I'm glad I could help. Yes, all things in moderation is best.

Thank you for stopping by and reading. =)


12/3/2012 00:59:07

Originally, I was going to comment on the over blog post. But then I read your comment and thought better to reply hear. I ditto the gratitude to not feel like we have to blog everyday. In fact, I don't even write everyday. When I have time or inspiration, I write like crazy and then schedule out my posts. Thus freeing me up to write when the mood strikes rather than feel pressured to keep some mythical schedule.

I love the reason why the pressure existed (the old business model) explanation. Now that I have that as ammunition to battle the pressure, I will feel relieved.

But I like how Mariann said the other reasons to avoid the pressure to blog all the time... webinars, research, commenting on 10 posts per day. Thank you Mariann for your comments, coupled with Caroline's post. I'll go play with the kids.

Rorey Cathcart
11/27/2012 05:42:39

I'm just getting my business blog going and I'm in the midst of a soft relaunch of my two personal genealogy sites with blogging recently added. Once a week for each is more than likely all I will be able to manage initially.

But I'll admit, when I see how much some of my favorite writers post I feel pressured to meet that standard.

Caroline Pointer
11/27/2012 23:11:09


I think the most important thing to remember is that everyone has a purpose for their blog, and the 'standard' for one might not be the 'standard' for another.

For example, a family history blogger who is blogging about their research or family stories to share with family or to find cousins to collaborate with should not feel pressured to monetize their blog or to write about things going on in the genealogy industry just because they read 2 genealogy blogs that blog about those things all the time.

In my example, those 2 blogs are probably written by folks with a business {They might be professional genealogists or they might have a how-to blog with ads or services}. Thus, they are business blogs within the genealogy niche with business goals and business plans. There is no reason for a genealogy or family history blogger whose blogging goals are sharing info or cousin collaboration to take on business standards for their blog.

Different situations.

Anywho, thanks so much for stopping by and joining the conversation, Rorey. I wish you the best of luck in your blogging endeavors! =)


11/27/2012 06:38:20

I feel off the hook. I am not a professional. I just want to know about my family and catch a few cousins. The problem is that I have a competitive streak! If you do daily then I do hourly. I can't. I also want a life off the computer and social media. Do not get me wrong some days my tweeps get me through the day!
I like Mariann's idea of limits. That may be my salvation.

As always you hit the nail on the head Caroline. Thanks again for all you do.

Caroline Pointer
11/27/2012 23:14:30


Good. If you're not a professional then use that competitive streak for researching and not blogging. At least, that would be my recommendation. Or? Be competitive with the number of cousins you've collaborated with. LOL.

And? I agree. Moderation is key.

And thank you so much for reading and commenting. I really appreciate it. =)


11/27/2012 07:48:21

If I blogged every day, I'd be exhausted!! Seriously! It's all I can do to keep up with my usual 2-3 times a week. I do have my weekly Fab Finds posts on Fridays, plus I participate in the Sepia Saturday blogging community. And then I usually will write another post about my family history stuff. And I do have a life outside of blogging. So, ya, blogging every day? Um, I'm thinking no.

Great post Caroline!

Caroline Pointer
11/27/2012 23:16:09


It's important to know what your limits are and to stay focused. And it sounds like you're doing both well! =)

Thanks for stopping by and reading, Jana!


11/27/2012 11:03:40

My head says that you are absolutely right, but my heart is suffering agonies of guilt over not posting anything for two whole weeks! Because if I don't have to post anything today, I can find other fascinating things to do and then the same tomorrow and the day after.

What I need is the discipline of regular posting on a more sustainable basis. But I fear I have GAD (genealogical attention distractability).

Caroline Pointer
11/27/2012 23:21:52


GAD? LOL. It does take some discipline, but I believe Mariann was right about moderation being the key to it. I know I tend to blog more on my personal family history blog when I research more because that's when I become moved or more passionate about it.

Have you thought about what motivates you to blog when you do blog? Perhaps if you can figure out what moves you at that time, you can replicate it.

Just a thought. And, Bob, thank you so much for stopping by and joining the conversation. I appreciate it! =)


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